The Healing Power of Connection

Human connection is essential to our overall well-being. Extensive research demonstrates that robust social connections significantly impact our health, with studies revealing that individuals with strong social ties tend to have reduced stress levels, lower blood pressure, and a bolstered immune system, a reduced risk of chronic diseases and longer lives.

Connection is equally important for our emotional well-being, resilience, and mental health, making it an indispensable component of a fulfilling and healthy life.

Our Circles

Body & Soul Collective offers¬†Women’s, Teen, Couples and Corporate Circles to serve a diverse range of interests and age groups.

We provide a supportive space where connection, community, and personal growth come together to create a unique and transformative experience.

In every Circle you will find a nonjudgmental environment where diverse beliefs and perspectives are not only respected but celebrated.

We look at every wellness topic from a medical and a spiritual perspective, leaving you informed, inspired and feeling rejuvenated in both body and soul.



What to Expect


We present the latest evidence-based research on the topic we are discussing at each circle.


Every circle concludes with a long, relaxing guided meditation.


Connection is the foundation of every circle, both with other participants and with yourself.


We encourage participants to be mindful of their habits and challenge limiting beliefs during each circle.


Every in-person circle includes healthy and delicious vegeterian refreshments to nourish your body and soul.


We encourage all our participants to reflect on their own choices, goals, wants, and needs and support a growth mindset.

Upcoming Circles

We would love to have you join one of our upcoming circles! See below for our current offerings: